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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

another weekend in review

Good morning.
It turned out to be a productive weekend, as I did some more Cleaning and re-organizing.   :-)
I'm amazed at how much 'stuff' one accumulates over time. And we've been in this house 28 years.
The biggest project was yesterday, as I spent several hours working on piles of recipes I've printed out over the years, and stuck in a drawer. I went through and sorted out the ones we make fairly regularly, and some more that I think we might make at some point. The rest, which was over 3/4th of what I had in the drawer, went in the trash. We had so many, we didn't want to take the time to look through them to find something to make.
So now, I have them all hole punched, and in a binder, with labeled sections for appetizers, casseroles, vegetables and main dishes. And each section is also alphabetized.
I often go online looking for something to make, so you'd think I wouldn't even need to keep recipes, but there are many recipes we make often, and I want to keep them.
Now Sunday, I did go online to find a dish to use up some left over ham and a head of cabbage we've had for a bit. This is what I found....
It's called a ham and cabbage casserole, and it turned out very tasty. I'll post the recipe on Cooking with Craig when I get a chance.
We also got a new toilet seat for the bathroom, and a new water stop thingy for inside the tank because it wouldn't stop running after it was flushed without playing with the handle. 
And.......thanks to this very long, bitter cold winter, the bottom of my feet have gotten dry and rough, especially my heel and the side of my toe. So....I've gotten up every morning, and while I'm on the puter, slather on my Gold Bond Lotion and rest my feet on waxed paper, so as not to get the lotion all over the carpet.
 This stuff is great for dry skin. I've used it each morning for 2 weeks, and my feet are back to soft and smooth.   :-)
Also this past weekend, we ran the mo-ho, and the mo-ho generator, and backed out his Honda Accord and ran that for a while also.
And that was our weekend. Now time to get back to work. I need to stop and get more sidewalk salt, as more bitter cold and snow is forecast. Will it ever end????

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  1. Mom said it was uber cold there. We're cold at 40!
    Have a safe week!