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Friday, February 21, 2014

mid-week post

Good morning.
It's been a crazy weather week.
We did manage to get above freezing this week, but not warm enough to melt much snow. The freezing rain forecast for yesterday morning, fortunately didn't happen. Instead, we got another inch of wet snow, followed by all day rain which made everything slushy. It's currently 36 out this morning, so the drive to work should be okay. Temps are forecast to drop through out the day, so our 3 days above freezing is over, and very little snow melt occurred.   :-(
And bitter cold is expected over the weekend and into next week.  :-(
In other news.....
It's been fairly busy at work, and I'm booked today and tomorrow.
Poor Craig has been under the weather all week with a nasty cold.
I've managed to stay far.
Craig's Hyundai has it's check engine light on. But he can't take it to the dealer to have it checked, because the only Hyundai dealer in the Lansing area closed last fall.   :-(
So.. instead of taking it to someone and paying a hundred bucks , we ordered a code reader tool.
 It's suppose to tell us what is causing the check light, and reset the code. Then we'll know what the issue is and then can decide how to deal with it. Take it to a dealer in Grand Rapids, since it's still under warranty, or go to someone here. The light originally came on some time ago, then after some time went off for a while. Now it's back on again.
Anyway, time to get to work.

1 comment:

  1. We have one of those readers. We use it all the time. You can look the code up online and see what others say about it.
    Good luck and have a great weekend!