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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Well it ever quit

Good morning.
I've just returned from clearing the driveway, yet again.....
We just can't get a break!
It started snowing again yesterday afternoon, and this morning, we have another 6-7 inches on top of the already deep snow.

 The top pics were taken yesterday afternoon during the snow. The bottom this morning after I cleared the driveway. Yes, the snowbanks are now higher than the cars. I believe this is one of the snowiest winter we've had in the 28 years we've lived here.
Our split rail fence is nearly buried.
But, it's been a productive weekend so far.
Sunday, I did a backing up of files on my puter. I know, I'm suppose to do it in January, but I forgot.
I also made another batch of wings.
Italian Parmesan on the left, and pineapple barbecue on the right. Mixing pineapple juice with the barbecue sauce thinned it so it wasn't so thick and gooey, and baked in really nice.
Monday, we picked up a new garbage disposal and I spent the afternoon installing it.
And I'll now tell you why you should ALWAYS read the directions before doing any type of installation. I got the old one off, the new one wired and put in. Hooked back up the plumbing, and plugged it in. Turned on the switch, and it worked. Later, after dinner, I started a load of dishes.
I went out in the kitchen later, and the dishwasher sounded funny. It was in a draining cycle, but I heard no water coming out. I turned off the dishwasher, and tried to figure out what was the matter. I know I hooked the hose back up, so I got out the directions. Sure enough, I didn't even think about it, but I never popped out the plug in the dishwasher drain intake. I forgot, they sell these like this in case you want a garbage disposal that isn't also hooked up to the dishwasher. So... today I get to un-assemble the disposal, pop out the plug, and put it back together again. I just hope I didn't damage the dishwasher running it like that. We'll see. So, because I thought I knew what I was doing and didn't read the directions first, I get to do the whole thing twice.
We also used another Christmas gift card, and had lunch at the Outback.
And as for the warm up this week the weather men promised us last week, of course, that's all changed now. Instead of the near 50's they were telling us, we are only going to reach the upper 30's.  :-(
Better than below 30's, but it won't melt much snow.
Never trust car salesmen or weather men.
And we, like I'm sure a lot of you, have been watching some of the Olympics.  Saw Bode Miller get a Bronze. The oldest person to get a medal, and he's only 36. Enjoyed seeing Meryl Davis and Charlie White win the Ice Dancing Gold, although I thought the Canadian team looked better. Good thing I'm not a judge!  :-)
And that's it for now.

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  1. So you didn't get the 40 degrees that Mom said you were supposed to get today?
    Probably the only thing that happened to the dishwasher is you ended up with dirty dishes instead of clean. At least I hope that's all.
    Hope it went well.
    Have a good week!