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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

a record breaker......maybe

Good morning.
It appears we're heading for a record breaker!
The most ice coverage on the great lakes.....ever!
We are predicted to pass the record set in 1976 of 95% coverage. As of Monday, we were at 90.1%. And with another bitter cold few days, they think we'll surpass it. Yippee.   :-\
They say our 'normal' ice coverage is about 40%. The last 15 years have seen us mostly below that with virtually no ice coverage in 2012.
So far, Nov., Dec., Jan., and Feb. have been below normal, with March expected to do the same.   :-(
Normally in march, I'm able to get outside and do some early spring clean-up, but not this year, as we still have nearly 3 ft of snow covering the ground.  We are over 12 inches above normal.  :-(
In other news.....
I continued my extreme cleaning. I cleaned out some kitchen cupboards, throwing out old dishes, glasses and such.  I have way to much stuff!
While doing that, I made another batch of broth from the last two turkey carcasses. 
I also did a little redecorating. I told Craig I didn't like the frames on our pressed leaves, and wanted to paint them. He said what color? I said maybe like a suede brown. So here's what I ended up getting....
It's actually called nutmeg, and I think it helps the matting stand out better. I really don't know why I originally picked white frames, because they just fade into the light walls. And do you like the pressed Quince leaves on top, or bottom. I can't decide. It probably doesn't matter right?
Anyway, another weekend over, and hopefully another week closer to real spring like weather.
Now back to work for what appears to be another busy week.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Wow....the paint change really looks great. (Doesn't matter about the Quince leaves) they look good either way. MikeInDallas

  2. The paint makes a big difference! Looks great!