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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

no, the snow isn't gone yet.

Good morning.
Well, it's snowing again.........................   :-(

We got about an inch last night. But, it shouldn't stay around long as it's suppose to reach into the 40's later this week.
Sunday, after cleaning the Salon, we drove up to Muskegon to spend the day with my Mom.
Upon arriving, the first words out of her mouth were, "I hear your moving to Reno." I said, "no, we're not. Who told you that?" She said "Louie and Bruce." I said, "I haven't talked to them." She said, "Linda told them.""Ohhh, she read on my blog that we were going out to Las Vegas to look at homes."
I assured her we were not moving out to Vegas for a few years, but  we decided it was a good time to buy.
I Cut her hair, took out the trash, and took to her to lunch at Applebee's. They've completely remodeled the place. Took down all the stuff they had on the walls, painted new colors on the walls, and all new tables and chairs and lighting. Looked nice. All 3 of us had steak and they were all very good. My Mom exclaimed it was the best one she's had in a long time.
Then it was over to the 'club' for a couple of drinks and pull-tabs. No luck at all with them this visit.
On the way back to her apartment, stopped for groceries and got her back home and settled in and made it back to Lansing.
Monday, I went in to the Salon early to do a customer. She had just returned from Florida Sat. afternoon, and was leaving Wed. for Minnesota. I agreed to come in on my day off so she wouldn't have to go to Minnesota with gray roots. Aren't I nice.  :-)
Then, back home, I spent a good part of the afternoon making a big batch of kale chips.
I got some curly Kale this time to try.

Drying in the oven.
Two big bowls of crispy tasty kale! One Olive oil and sea salt, the other Olive oil and Parmesan.
I tell you, they are as addicting as potato chips!
Well, one more day off, so I'm done here for now.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, sorry about that. I have Reno on the mind for some reason...
    You know they had snow in Las Vegas this year, too.
    Minnesota is even colder than Michigan right now, according to one of the blogs I read. Hope your customer has a safe trip.
    Plain chips and ruffle chips. Need to remember to try that!