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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

another productive weekend.

Good morning.
The rain held off until today, so I had a couple of productive days.
We got the mo-ho out of it's winter parking space, turned him around, and I spent part of 2 days putting things back in. We were fortunate this winter that we had no mice for a change.(knocks on wood)
I also worked on downsizing another section of a flower bed.
This was the largest flower bed in the yard that went along the side of the pond.
In this first pic, I returned a large section of the flower bed back into grass last year. That's the entire grass area to the left of the path. It left for a nice border garden.
 This year, I'm extending it all the way back behind the pond.
It weaves around a weeping pine......
And connects to the grass behind the pond arbor.
It will make for an easier mowing, and a bit less weeding. Now, I can seed it if it ever warms up enough for the seed to germinate.
I also did the first mowing of the season. The grass wasn't really long enough to mow, but the first mowing cleans up all the little debris from the winter.
I'm currently waiting for a company to arrive to get the broken branches out of the Sunburst locust. I'm not sure they will come in the rain, but I haven't recieved a call yet, so we'll see.
That's all for now.

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