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Monday, April 07, 2014

I did it!

Good morning.
Well, it was a very productive day yesterday, and I'm all stiff and sore today.
I cleaned the Salon as usual, came home, woke up lazy bones, had our coffee and read the Sunday paper. Then, while Craig did laundry and paper work, I headed out side to tackle the mountain of branches in the back yard.
and after.
another view....before....during.....
and after.

The piles of branches I had hauled out back from the front yard. Before and after.
I was actually surprised I managed to get it all done.   :-)
Now I still need to get some out out here to take out 3 large branches that are broken, but still connected and hanging from the Sunburst Locust tree.
They are too high up for me to reach with a ladder, and to attached to pull off.
I tell you I did sleep good and long last night, not getting up until nearly 6 am.   :-)
But it was a nice day yesterday, sunny and mid 50's.
If we get back in time today from our usual Monday running around before expected rain starts, I hope to get some more spring yard work done.
Now time for me to get going.

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