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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

we put an offer on another house

Good morning.
Spring has finally sprung here in mid Michigan.  :-)   The last remaining snow mounds in the yard are now gone.
We're forecast to be near 60 all week.
I was actually able to work in the yard all 3 days.
Monday I edged the driveway, using the removed sod to patch all the holes in the yard caused by falling branches from the Dec. ice storm. Tuesday trimmed back bushes and raked out a couple of flower beds. I also spread preen on the beds to help keep down early sprouting weeds.
I also managed to make another double batch of Kale chips.
On the house hunting front.....
As of Monday, no response to the first offer yet. Our realtor explained that since the house is empty, and the owner will get nothing from the sale, there is no motivation to be timely with a response. It's also possible the owner could be out of town and unreachable. Just a couple of the many reasons a short sale could take so long.
Anyway, in the meantime, I noticed another home in Aliante had just been reduced to the price of the other house we put the offer on. This home has the exact same floor plan and isn't a short sale. I asked our realtor about that one. She said we could put in an offer, and in the meantime, she would go and take some pics for us. We could then wait until an offer is accepted, and rescind the other one.
Soooo, we now have 2 offers pending. Apparently it's very common to put multiple offers. Real estate works a little different in Nevada compared to Michigan.  Obviously Craig is a bit of a wreck right now with all the goings on.The thought of buying a house sight unseen is a bit unnerving for him. But the realtor says it's in as good of condition as the other one we looked at. And that was one of the reasons for going out there to actually walk through some of these floor plans so we know how big the rooms and home is. I'm completely comfortable buying site unseen. What's the worst that could happen?
And you know, Craig could give me a list an arms length long to that question.
What happens happens.
Actually, Craig is doing real good with all that's going on. I think all the planning and prep for this whole house buying thing has helped him get prepared to deal with it all. I've been working on him for 2 years.  :-)
Now it's time to get ready for another work week.


  1. Well, good luck! Enjoy your spring weather. :-)

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  3. Crossing my fingers! I'm so excited about my va, I mean your vacation home!