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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

offer accepted

Good morning.
 We finally had our offer accepted by the seller. It only took 2 weeks and several counter offers, but they finally accepted it and now it goes to their bank for processing, which our real estate agent says could take 45-60 days. Since it's a short sale, meaning the owners owe more on the house than it is currently worth, the bank has to agree with the price. And depending on how busy the dept that handles short sales is, our offer could sit in a pile for a while before it gets looked at. But at least, we're in the process, which also means the sellers can't entertain any other offers while ours is being considered.
And since our move is upwards of 2 years away, we've got the time.  :-)
The snow we got yesterday, slowly melted away with the the days sunshine even though it only got up to 36. Today is forecast to hit 46 with 50's retuning for the weekend.
On Monday morning, I scooped some of this out of our pond.....
I know it's a bad pic, but if you look closely, you'll see tiny long filaments of some type of plant that has invaded our pond. It grows in clumps all over the bottom getting about 6-8 inches tall. I bagged up this clump and took it to Hammond Farms hopping for an identification, and a solution for it's eradication.
They looked in a book, determined what it was, and sold me a large bottle of some type of granular vegetation killer. Once the water temps reach 60, I'll treat the pond. It will basically deplete the water of oxygen, staving the underwater plants and then they die.   >:-)
Now time to get ready for a very busy week!

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