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Sunday, April 20, 2014

ah, spring

Good morning.
Happy Easter!
 I've just returned fro cleaning the Salon as usual.  :-)
Finally, some signs of spring......

It was a very busy week in the Salon, and as a treat, had a late lunch at Reno's.
Today is forecast to be sunny and 70, so I'll be in the yard all day.   :-)
We've also been looking at furniture on-line. Thinking for the cost of shipping our stuff to Vegas, if and when we get the house, we might be better off furnishing it with new, and when we're ready to move, sell all the stuff we have here. That way we'll have a nicely furnished home to use for vacation in the mean time. I love shopping for new stuff!   :-)
Anyway, not much else going on so time to wake up lazy bones and get going on the weekend.


  1. Sell it or donate it for the tax deduction.
    Your garden is looking great!
    Mid 80s here all week. Using the AC some.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh, make sure you keep Granny's cookie press!