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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

busy busy

Good morning.
It was a fairly productive weekend.
We had 2 nice days out of 3 and I was busy.
Cleaned up more flower beds, and cut back more bushes.
Craig and i also took out all the low voltage lighting we had around the yard. Most of the lights didn't work any more, and the style of lights we had was no longer available for replacement. and since we plan to move in a few years, no sense spending money for an entire new system.
I also started on downsizing another flower bed, and started cleaning out the storage area by the compost bins. I have a huge collection of pots that people have given me for my annual plant sale. Well, I'm not having any more sales, so time to get rid of all those pots. Must be a couple hundred stacked up back there. I also have a guy coming out next Monday to cut out the broken branches from the Sunburst Locust tree. I think we are going to wait until fall to maybe cut down the other Chinese Elm tree. The ground is now too soft for lift trucks to drive on.And we also manage to get the snow tires off the Kia and the summer tires on. Maybe next week, we'll get the Hyundai done.
So busy, busy, busy. And I've got lots more to do. But now, time for another work week. Think how much I could get done if I was retired!

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