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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a really beautiful weekend

Good morning.
It was an absolutely beautiful weekend!
Sunny and warm all 4 days. How we really needed that after the winter and spring we had.   :-)
I've got most of the flower beds weeded thanks to having cut them back in size to about half, and I treated the pond with the stuff that's suppose to kill the under water plants.
And here's some more pics of the gardens.....
I can't remember what these little yellow flowers are called, but they are a variety of Ranunculus.
A Cranesbil in front of a just finished Peony.
Little yellow flowers on my Siberian Weeping Pea.
Sweet Woodruff blooming.
Another Cranesbil.
An orange Geum and purple Columbine.
And Pulmaria, I think.
Now, it's back to work.  :-(
But we sure did enjoy the weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Hard to tell your gardens are half the size. They still look fantastic!
    Hope your week is a good one!