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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

one more day off

Good morning.
It's been a productive couple of days.
We got the snow tires off the Hyundai and the summer one's on.
I've got the mo-ho's water system un-winterized and sanitized. And I've restocked it with all the essentials, and checked out all the systems. We are ready for our first trip.  :-)
I also dug up the ornamental fountain grass I had around the front tree.
They are coming out next week to grind the stump.
I also added dirt to the section of garden I removed and will seed it today.
I've also started to do some weeding of the rest of the flower beds.
And, I made another batch of Kale chips this morning.
Someone asked me what kind of Kale I use. I've used several kinds and prefer one called Lacinato Kale. It has a coarser leaf that bakes up a little firmer than the curly types of Kale.

They may not look pretty, but they sure are tasty!
The recipe I use is over here.
Now time for my last day off.

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