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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

our bonsai tree.

Good morning.It's been a beautiful couple of days.
We got out of work early enough on Saturday and headed downtown to walk on the river trail. We stopped at the farmers market for a drink and to people watch.
Sunday, after I cleaned the Salon, I worked in the yard.
Here's a couple of pics of the tree in the back yard that suffered the ice damage.

It's now sprouting lot's of new little branches. Kind of looks like a bonsai tree now.  :-)
I don't think it'll look too bad once it branches out a little more. We'll see.
Monday Craig and I mowed the yard.
Today, it's another walk and shopping.
That's it for now.


  1. You have a nice looking property. Do you plan to keep it after your retire to Las Vegas?

  2. Hope the tree recovers, Wayne. Will save you any more expense like that for a while.