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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

it's peeling

Good morning.
Goodness! I can't believe it's Tuesday already!
Where does the weekend go?   :-)
Anyway, we came home Saturday after work and relaxed on the deck.
Sunday, we walked and I burned up a huge pile of branches while Craig did his usual bookwork.
I think I've finally got all the winter damage trimmed up.
Monday, another walk, and shopping and I painted the front patio.
 The reason I paint it is when they ran water to the house, they cut out a section of the slab. The water comes in under the kitchen sink, under that side window. And there were also spots of concrete that had surface degeneration, so I patched over it and then painted it so it looks more uniform.
Also Monday, I cleaned up the inside of the mo-ho, so it will be ready for our next trip. It feels odd not talking very many trips this year, as we were planning on going out to Vegas to work on our house.
Which we still don't have yet.  Day 113 now, but who's counting.  :-)
And if you ever think of getting a London Plane Tree for your yard, consider this.....
 Craig had this planted about 20 some years ago. He picked it because it has a nice broad crown for shade and he loves the cool mottled pattern on the trunk.
But, he obviously didn't realize, for the mottled look to happen, the tree needs to shed it's bark. As the tree grows, the branches expand and the bark splits and peels and falls to the ground. The above pic is just 4 days since we mowed. And this will go on for several weeks.
Now time to enjoy our last day off.

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