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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Las Vegas update

Good morning.
It looks to be a real busy week at work, at least it's starting out that way.
 We've finally heard from our Las Vegas Realtor.
The reason it's been taking so long, is the appraisal came back way over what we offered. Like about $30,000.00 more. That took our realtor and the listing agent quite by surprise. Sooo, they had to put together a 'dispute of value' with real comparable properties and a breakdown of why our price should be accepted. Then it could take the bank another month or so to respond to that.
Here's a teaser pic of the house......
Despite no grass, they have numerous plantings that give the yards a nice look.
And since homes have been selling in our price range, I'm optimistically hopeful the bank will accept it.
So, we wait some more. Thank goodness we're not in a hurry.  :-)


  1. Wow. Wonder what was up with that appraisal?
    It is good that you are not in a hurry. Wishing you the best with that.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    There is nothing more lush and beautiful than a desert landscape. You'll have a great time and enjoyment with the low maintenance. Good luck!!