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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

short work week.

Good morning.
A few more pics of the yard......

Thunderbolt hosta.

The new grass path winding to the back of the arbor.
Blooming Pickerel Rush.
It was a nice weekend, but I didn't seem to get a whole lot done.
I trimmed out the last of the winter storm damage, and I now have another big pile to burn.
I also spot weeded the lawn. Like to keep it mostly grass.  :-)
I've got a very busy, but short week in the Salon due to the up coming 4th of July. Both Craig and I are actually working a couple of hours on the 4th, to get people in this week. That's okay, as we have no plans for the long weekend.
We were hoping to be in Vegas getting the new house together, since the 45 - 60 days the realtor told us the short sale would take would have been early June. By the time I decided it was going to be a no go, I couldn't find any available campgrounds. So we'll be home the long weekend. Maybe I'll get a good start on waxing the mo-ho.
So anyway, time to get to work.

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