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Saturday, July 05, 2014

lovin the long weekend

Good morning.
I've just come in from washing the mo-ho.
 Nice and clean and ready to wax.
It was a very busy although very short work week.
Craig and I went in yesterday for one customer each so we were there only about an hour. Then we went for a walk and got some groceries.
Brought them home, then went to Reno's for lunch as a weekend treat.
I spent the afternoon, trimming up bushes and trees so Craig can burn them up tomorrow.
 I also trimmed back the evergreens near the corner of the house.
I needed to open this area up a bit more as this is where we drive the car around the house when we put the car on the car caddy for RV trips.
Here's the big pile of brush ready to burn.
And just around the corner of the house, another view of the back yard.
With the weather looking good again today, I hope to get a good start on waxing the mo-ho.
So time to get Craig up and get going.

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