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Monday, July 07, 2014

a producive long far

Good morning.
It's a very wet morning as we had storms a-l-l night long. Got just over 1 3/4 inches of rain. It's been a very wet summer so far after a wet spring.
But here's a few things blooming in the yard right now.....

Well, we didn't get the pile of brush burned on Sunday. The fire dept. wouldn't give us a permit due to winds forecast to be over 12 mph.  :-(
And today and tomorrow looks to be more of the same, so maybe next weekend.
Craig did get the rock garden cleaned up.
It's currently filled with hens and chicks. A fleshy ground cover type of plant. In the spring, it's filled with a bulb plant called grape hyacinths. Once the leaves all die back, you have to pull them all out, which Craig did. The area in front is bare due to the excessive rain we've had. They don't like wet soil at all, and will quickly rot, which is what happened here. I think I'll just add more rocks to the front.
I waxed a good chunk of the mo-ho.
The front, back, one whole side, and the caps. The caps are what I call the curved metal that joins the rubber roof to the fiberglass sides.
I also polished the wheels. It's looking pretty good for a 12 year old motor home.  :-)
And, we still have today and tomorrow off.
Five days off with no place to go feels kind of like retirement. I think I'm going to like that.  :-)
and now, time to get going.

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  1. Everything looks great, Wayne. :-)