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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

and away he goes

Good morning.
After a beautiful Sat. Sun. and Monday, I awoke to rain this morning.
With our mo-ho trip cancelled, we made it a free weekend, meaning not a lot was done.   :-)
Since we couldn't leave Friday afternoon for our trip, we headed out to Reno's for sun, food and drinks.
later, I took all the food and clothes out of the mo-ho.
yesterday morning, they came and towed it to the service dealer.
They first sent out this puny truck and the driver quickly decided to call a bigger one.
They got the mo-ho hooked up, and drove it away.
We then went down and signed the work order. Since we probably won't take another trip this season, we had them do an oil change and service the generator.
Then we ran to the bank to wire the $1000 earnest money to the escrow companies. We also received the HOA documents to go over. More than 600 pages in 4 PDF files! Went over  most of them yesterday until our eyes were going cross-eyed. It took just over 2 hours this morning but I finished the last group . Some interesting stuff, but not much more than we expected.
The inspection is to be this week, and we should also hear about the floor tiles.
I did manage to do some cutting back in the flower beds, and we did get the yard mowed.
That's it for now.


  1. I'm glad they didn't try to tow your motor home with the first tow truck.
    600 pages is crazy! But it was probably close to that when we got our house.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear about all these struggles but better times are surely ahead for you as sure as winter.
    A home in Vegas--you do like the heat.
    Hang in there.