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Sunday, October 05, 2014

catching up

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
It was a very busy week, and after work on Saturday, we headed over to Reno's for a late lunch and some football game watching.
We picked up the mo-ho last Tuesday. Didn't cost as much as we thought it would.
We also got our flu shots.
And as what is seeming to be the norm, I have no good news on our possible house in Vegas. The inspection scheduled fro Friday was cancelled as it was discovered that the water had been shut off to the house. It was a surprise to the listing agent and he promised to get it back on asap. Now I need to find out how long it was off, and if there's any issues with the landscaping since obviously the drip irrigation would not have been working during that time either.
I wonder if we'll ever get a home there the way things have been going. Maybe someone's trying to tell us Vegas is not the right choice. 
And our Realtor found tiles that look pretty close. They are a little lighter than the current ones, but she also said the floor is very dirty and when it's cleaned, she thinks it should be a good match.
So that's one more thing that will need to be done.
So the house is not a done deal yet. Not surprising with the way our luck has been going this summer right?
And now we're up to date.   :-)

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