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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

a rainbow, a Dark Tower, and a Norge

Good morning.
Here's a couple of pics I took yesterday afternoon of a pretty rainbow that appeared across the street.....

The 3 bright lights are the track lighting reflecting in the window that I took the picture through.
Have I mentioned how much rain we've had this year? A Lot!
But before it started to rain, I was able to get out and start the fall project of cutting all the perennials down. I finished one bed and half of another. My flower bed downsizing has really been nice for cutting down on yard work.   :-)
We finally got around to calling someone to come and seal our well we haven't used in years since we hooked up to city water. If we plan on selling the house, we should get that taken care of.
And in my continuing clean out of all the stuff I've accumulated in the many years, I've been going through a cupboard with stacks of board games. We use to play a lot of board games years ago, but with computers and tablets, not so much anymore.
We haven't played most of them  in years so I adding them to my yard sale pile.
Then I ran across this one.......
 Has anyone played this? It called Dark Tower. It's an electronic board game. According to e-bay, it was manufactured in 1981 and is currently selling for around $100. I don't think this will go in the yard sale pile. I'll save it and put it on e-bay later this winter.
I tell ya, every time I turn around, I'm finding more stuff to either throw out, or add to next years yard sale.
I'm amazed how much stuff one can accumulate in a less than 1000 sq ft home.   :-)
Add I thought I did a post on this, but couldn't find it, but a few weeks ago, I was thinning out my collection of cookbooks and adding them to my yard sale pile when I thought I'd ask my sister Linda if she wanted our Grannies old Norge Cookbook. It's been used so much I had to duck tape the binding.

It's from 1929, thick as an encyclopedia, and has such tantalizing recipes as Reindeer, boar, possum, along with recipes for tongue and brain.  :-\
Well, Linda was more than happy to have it so I boxed it yup and shipped it to her down in Louisiana. 
I'm anxious to see what her first meal out of it will be.   :-)
And that's my post for today.


  1. That's a good question there. I am thinking of trying the bread recipe, actually. But with everything that's been going on, and now all three of us down with colds, baking will have to wait.

    Still, 1929 cookbook for an 1880's house is a good thing! :-)
    Never heard of the game but I love your rainbows!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wayne!