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Monday, October 13, 2014

a birthday weekend, and a few big decisions

Good morning from a wet, cold, Lansing MI.
Yep, it's raining.....again.
But to catch you up.....
It was another busy week in the Salon, and after work on Friday, Craig took me out for a birthday dinner.
Saturday evening he made me home made taco's.
Sunday, I cleaned the Salon, we went for a walk, and back home while Craig mowed the yard,  I winterized the mo-ho. Then Craig made me a batch of chili  (see, I get 3 days of birthday cheer!)
I've also begun emptying out the mo-ho. We've decided to sell it.   :-(
As much as we've enjoyed RVing, we've gone pretty much everywhere we can go on long weekend's, and further trips are not cost effective. And a motor home is an expensive toy. And we are missing our flying trips we use to take twice a year. So it's time for the next chapter. We enjoyed our boat when we had it, and we've enjoyed the last nine years with the mo-ho.
And I can't believe how much stuff I have in that motor home!
I brought in 6 storage bins full of stuff and I haven't even finished the kitchen yet! I can see I'll have a boat load of things for our yard sale next summer. And after I finish the inside, I still have all the storage bays to empty.
And another decision......
We plan on putting our house up for sale next year. We think trying to coordinate a home sale with an eventual cross country move, logistically would be next to impossible, so selling the house before then would take that out of the equation. And that's mainly not knowing how long it may take to sell our home. Our house sits in an industrial district, so we're not sure how many people, besides us, would like this home. I think we might have a better chance selling it for office use. That's what we'll need to talk to several realtors about.
And living in an apartment would free me up from yard work, mowing and shoveling snow. That would make it easier to take more trips.
And we continue to wait on Las Vegas.
We were suppose to have a home inspection a week ago last Friday, but it was canceled due to the water having been shut off to the house. And since the house is empty, it's a low priority to get it back on. Our realtor said last week the water dept. told her they backed up, but expected it to be on by Friday, but we haven't heard, so it probably wasn't. Maybe today.
Believe me, I'll post as soon as we know. One way or the other.
Okay, now we're caught up.

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