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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Good morning from a wet, cool, Lansing MI.
Yep, more rain...   :-(
It seems to happen every fall, just as the colors are looking good, we get a week of wind and rain to ruin it.
Oh well.
I did manage to finish removing all of our 'stuff' from the mo-ho, inside and underside, and gave it a good interior cleaning. I still need to vacuum out the bays, if it ever gets dry enough.
I've e-mailed pictures and info to several consignment places hoping to find someone to sell it for us.
 This isn't the best time of year to try and sell a motor home, but if necessary, we can park it next to the garage for the winter, like we always do, and try again in the spring.
And finally some Las Vegas news......
The water was turned on yesterday. It would have been Monday, but that was a holiday. So the inspection is scheduled for today. Wish us luck!
 And I've got a very busy week in the Salon too. So I imagine everything will happen this week. We'll see!

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