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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

is it too big?

Good morning.
Well, Our flat panel LCD TV we bought a number of years ago, suddenly yesterday, had no sound.  :-(
So, we decided to go out and get a new one.
After doing some research online, we went to Best Buy and picked up this RCA 39 inch LED TV.
It replaces a 32 inch we had there and I must say, I like it! Bigger is better right?  :-)
And what's amazing is it weights about half of the old 32 inch and the frame around the picture is almost non-existent.
Now, I didn't want to just throw out the old one. I mean, the picture was great! Just no sound.
I decide to try and use it......
And sure enough, I was able to make it my new computer monitor!
My desk angles in the corner so I was able to use a couple of speaker stands destined for my yard sale and put the TV on top of them. So it actually sits behind the desk giving me more desk space and putting it back far enough so I'm not on top of it.
I know it looks awful large, but the best part is now I don't need to wear reading glasses!
And since my puter has separate speakers, I'm good!.
And yes, the picture on my homepage is of the house we want to buy in Vegas. And no, no news yet. But then, it's only been 170 days.   :-\  Not that I'm counting. 
In other news......
It's been to damn cold! And too damn wet!
We've actually had the furnace on for a few nights as temps have gotten down in the low 40's.
Also, my Sunday garage cleaning out project went extremely well. I hauled 12 garbage bags of crap to our work dumpster. I now have a lot of space to start my garage sale storing, as this winter, I'm doing some massive downsizing indoors. I've really gotten in to the less is better mode. It's very freeing having a lot less 'stuff'!
And in other news....
Craig's blood tests came back very well. Thanks to all the walking we've been doing, all his readings relating to being pre-diabetic are all back in the normal range. Good job Craig! Unfortunately, his Cholesterol has gotten higher. Along with mine. So we need to try and do a better job cutting back on out meat eating. We do like our meat! Probably those Saturday afternoons at Reno's hasn't helped either.  :-)
So with the good overall test results, Craig is determined to keep up the walking. We'll see how he does this winter.
And for a change, I've had quite a bit to blog about. This must be the longest post I've done in a while.
And now, time to get going.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, the bigger the monitor the better. I'd use it if I didn't have a laptop.
    Congratulations on your good tests!
    Good luck with the house. :-/