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Friday, September 19, 2014

I think I'm liking eggplant again.

Good morning.
It's been a long week in the Salon. I've worked late Wed. and Thur. but today and tomorrow should be normal.
Here's a pic from our Tuesday dinner that I was planning on posting Wed. morning, but was in a hurry to get to work....
Grilled pork cutlets with rice and grilled eggplant. I haven't eaten much eggplant over the years as the only way I seemed to like it was fried. But I've found a new liking for these. Grilled with a roasted tomato pesto sprinkled with fat free feta cheese. Pretty good!
And the area where we took out the stump and reseeded a week ago is starting to green up nicely despite the much cooler temps than normal.
So just a short post today. Now time to go.

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