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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

this is depressing

Good morning.
Just a quick post before I run off to work. The weekend was a mess!
We received a phone call from our realtor in Las Vegas.
The reason this whole process has been taking so long is the agent assigned to this short sale  won't budge on the assessed price despite repeated  rebuttals from the listing agent. Soooo, we upped our offer a bit, but I don't think it will be enough. Craig won't go one penny higher since there are other homes for sale in our price range. Unfortunately, I don't like any of them. And, if Fannie May had gotten to our offer nearly 6 months ago, Our price would have been good. Of course prices go up over 6 months! That's why we started this way back in April!  Gezzz!
We did however put an offer on one that's pretty close to the other. Ironically, it is owned by Fannie May. Apparently when Fannie forecloses on a home, they list it, and after 2 month's the price goes down. This continues until the home is sold. This one started at $172,000, and 2 days ago dropped to $147,500. Less than we offered the exact same house they now want $180,000 for.  :-\
Our realtor wants the listing agent to point that out when submitting our new offer.
So we now have 2 offers pending. Should hear today. Maybe.
One problem with the new one is there are what appears to be a long crack through a number of tiles in the pics she sent us. I'll have to find out more about that.
Anyway, that's the reason for my absence. I had to download 25 pages of documents, print them out, sign and initial every page, scan them and e-mail them back to her. Whew!
But I'll leave you with a pic.....
You may need to click on the pic to see it well enough, but there's a Great Blue Heron right in the middle of the pond. Was there about 2 hours frog hunting.
Now I gotta go!

1 comment:

  1. Wasn't that amazing? We see them in ditches along the road here and other places. Your pond obviously looks very inviting!

    Really sorry to hear about the problems with the house. :-/ But as you say, it's good you started early! Maybe you're supposed to wait for something better?

    Good luck!