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Friday, September 26, 2014

We have a house!....maybe.....kind of.......pretty sure!

Good morning.
Well, it looks like we have a home in Las Vegas!
We haven't had closing yet, but it looks like a done deal.
The bank accepted our offer and barring an unacceptable inspection, we should close in a couple of weeks.
Here's a pic.....
It's identical to the one we'd been waiting 6 months to buy. But the Fannie May negotiator wouldn't budge on the assessed price. The main difference with this house is a couple of positives and a couple of negatives.
The pluses.....Nice stonework on the columns and corners of the garage. And Cherry cabinets in the kitchen instead of Maple.
Negatives.....15 cracked tiles running through the living room into the kitchen. Our realtor is still looking to see if we can get replacements. The company that installed them went out of business during the great recession. She was able to identify the tile and now is looking to see if other companies still have some. If we have to, we can tear out all of them and replace with new. The cost would still be less than what we saved buying this house over the other.
The back yard is smaller than the first house. I'll miss the extra space, but it's not a deal breaker.
So, when we have closing, I'll post so interior pics.
This thing went so fast compared to the first house. We put in the offer late Tuesday, they accepted it Thursday, and next week we'll have the inspection.
So there you have it. After six l-o-n-g months finally a house!


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Perhaps you could only replace the broken ones. A sort of... eclectic design to the second most important room in the house, haha!
    Going to look at your other post....