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Friday, November 07, 2014

busy, busy, busy

Good morning.
It's been a very busy week in the Salon, and today is more of the same.  :-)
I called our mall maintenance guy because we have been having an issue with our front door. When the sun shines on it, it for some reason seems to swell and then the door sticks and you really need to give it a good push to open it. He checked it out and the bottom of the door is actually coming apart. Not good. So he's ordered another door. Should be in next week.
The leaves are pretty much all down, and fall temps have settled in. Not looking forward to another long Michigan winter. But wait......That's right......We now have a home in Las Vegas! And even though we can't spend the entire winter there, we can take a break from Michigan and spend some time there. Knowing that, I think I can make it through another winter.  :-)
And with that, I'm off to work!