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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

is today election day?

Of course, how could you not know it's election day with all the fliers, post cards, and endless political ads on TV.
But what's really nice? Absentee ballots! Yep! When you turn 60, you can request them mailed to your home. No standing in lines for me! I actually voted last week!  :-)
In other news.....
Not much really, work was busy last week, and this week looks the same. I mowed up more leaves. Looking like they're just about all down. Maybe one more mowing next weekend.  That would be a little early since I usually do my last mowing around Thanksgiving.
Repairs are ongoing at the new house. The bedroom window was installed last Friday.  Most of the plumbing issues should be done this week. Can't wait until we can actually go out there and see the place.  :-)
And that's all I got for now, so GET OUT AND VOTE!  :-)

1 comment:

  1. I should see if they have that here. Never heard of absentee because of being over 60. We drove though, because now that Patrick is living with us, he needs to be encouraged to vote.

    I do have a lifetime fishing/hunting license though (not that I hunt, but the license comes that way).

    We finally got a set of mulching blades! Love them!
    Hope you all have a great week!