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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

our Vegas home

Good afternoon.
 This is what we returned to when we came back to Lansing yesterday.....
 Cold and snowy.   :-(
Just reinforces our decision to move to Vegas.

About our trip.....
We left Lansing way back on Nov. 7th. Drove Craig's 1998 Honda Accord. It took the better part of 3 days to get there. His car preformed perfectly! We arrived Monday afternoon and went promptly to the house to check it out. Remember, we had never been inside this one. But as soon as we entered, we loved it!
The floor person was in the middle of cleaning all the floors and carpet, so we went out and spent the afternoon ordering a mattress and refrigerator. Spent the night down on the strip at New York New York Casino Hotel where we had a free night courtesy of the facebook game, My Vegas Slots.
Tuesday, we we went out and got paint and cleaning supplies and spent most of the day at the house. It was filthy! Surprising since the house is only 8 years old. Spent that night at the Aliante Casino Hotel just outside the community the home was in.
Wed. another day cleaning and painting. We also had the mattress delivered along with the fridge and living room, bedroom, and dining furniture. We were then able to spend the next several nights in our new home.  :-)
All and all, we managed to paint the kitchen, living room and master bedroom and hall.
And here's a few pics of our new home in Las Vegas....

painting the kitchen

painting the front hall. have you noticed I'm the one doing all the painting?
Actually, Craig did help a lot. He just doesn't like his pic taken.

 master bath
 washer dryer closet.
Now, we just have the minimal furnishings, as this will just be for vacations until we retire and move out there.  But it already feels very cozy and inviting.
Monday the 17th, we spent the morning washing towels and bedding and getting the place ready sit for several months until we can go back. Then our realtor picked us up and took us to the New York New York Casino Hotel to spend the night. I discovered it's very difficult to get a cab way out in Aliante, and since we had a 6am flight on Tuesday, and another free night, we decided it was best to go to the strip, spend the night, and get a quick, short, taxi ride to the airport.
So, to recap...... we drove out, leaving a car for when we vacation, cleaned the home, got 2/3 of the home painted, and returned to Lansing safe and sound, and cold.....


  1. Guys, you new place is beautiful! We know that you will love Las Vegas and the nice weather.

    M and C in TN

  2. Congratulations guys.

  3. Yup. It looks great. And I think you've got plenty of stuff just for vacations. Will give you time to decide what else you want to add there.

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    VERY nice, you two! I am envious! Congrats! Love ya! Fl Patti