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Saturday, November 22, 2014

crack? what crack?

Good morning.
Here's the view from the front sidewalk of our Las Vegas home.....
 Even without grass, the street looks nice.
And I'm not sure if anyone remembers the cracked tiles in the new house?
Well, there were numerous cracked tiles. It seems a lot of the neighbors we met have some cracked tiles.
Well, Craig and I devised a system to nearly correct the problem without replacing them.
First, we filled the crack with spackling. You know, the stuff you patch holes in the wall with.
Then we used a cream colored nail polish over that. Whipped off the excess polish, lightly rubbed the tile with polish remover to remove polish residue, and the crack virtually disappears!
I didn't think it would work so well on mottled tile, but it does! Now, unless your really looking, you wouldn't even know there were any cracks. And nail polish wears very well through regular cleaning. And, we can always 'touch up' any areas that start to show again. So we are very happy we don't need to replace the tiles. We really like them. They're huge 20 inch tiles, and finding a match is appearing next to impossible.
It's been a very busy week in the Salon as expected, since we were gone for nearly 12 days.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on fixing the tiles! You should let your neighbors know. ;-)
    No grass to mow. That will be wonderful, won't it? :-)
    Enjoy your weekend. Mom said something about rain?
    Stay warm and be glad you don't live in New York!