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Monday, November 24, 2014

wet and cold

Good morning.
It's a wet morning here in mid Michigan, though the temps have gotten back to near normal upper 40's. But that will be short lived as a strong cold front is due to sweep through this afternoon.   :-(
It's looking like it'll be another l-o-n-g winter.  :-(
So yesterday, between the rain drops, we managed to get snow tires on both cars, and I got the ornamental grasses at the end of the driveway cut down. Even though I need to do one final mowing to get up the rest of the leaves, it's to wet, and soon to be to snowy To finish, so they will just have to lay there until spring. Our 12 day trip to Vegas messed that all up along with a very early winter.  
We've just booked a couple of trips to Vegas for mid-winter and early spring. Without the mo-ho, we'll have more time for Vegas.  :-)
I'm hoping to get the eaves-troughs cleaned out today between rain falls and the outside water turned of.
Then we should be pretty much set for winter.

And I'm gonna bore you with some more pics of our Vegas home....

And that's all for now....

1 comment:

  1. Did you ever think that your third car would come in so handy? Craig has babied that Honda and it is beautiful! Your repair on the tile is amazing.

    Take care,
    M and C in TN