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Friday, November 28, 2014

post Thanksgiving

Good morning, and a happy Black Friday! To those of you who partake in such nonsense. I tried it just once several years ago. Not worth it at all!
Anyway, I didn't get a pic of our turkey dinner, though i could have pulled a pic up from any previous years as our Thanksgiving routine is the same.   :-)
So instead, I show you the mess we make fixing a turkey dinner....
And then, the kitchen when it's cleaned back up.....
As you can see, we have a small kitchen, so I tend to clean as we go so as not to get completely buried under all the preparation dishes. Also, we have an apartment sized dishwasher, which was the only size that would fit there, so I ended up doing 4 separate loads during the day. But that does make the mess much more manageable.   :-)
I did get the salon decorated in the morning,and got home just in time to help Craig get the turkey in the oven.  Watched some of the Macy's parade, and then the Lions football game. They won.  :-)
So a good day. Good food, good game, and a nice quiet day.
Now....I've got to go back to work. Busy Friday and Saturday.


  1. Cleaning as you go definitely helps. I have a small kitchen as well. Not so much small as lacking in counter space.

    Hope you both had a great day!