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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a profitable weekend

Good morning.
It was a pretty good weekend. Didn't do a whole lot.  :-)
Saturday, after work, Craig made us nachos for dinner. Yum!
On Monday, Craig fixed a new chicken dish......
It was easy and tasty! The recipe is here.
Over the years, we've accumulated a lot of board games. I've been going through them, and since we hardly play them anymore, I've been adding them to my growing pile of yard sale stuff. At one point I thought, 'I wonder if any of these are worth anything?'  I hopped on E-bay and did a little research. Found I had one game worth quite a bit!
So, I finally got around to listing this game on E-bay....
I started the bid at $100 with a buy it now price of $200 after looking at previous sold listings. It sold in 2 days!
I boxed it up and mailed it out yesterday.
Who knew a game I bought back in 1981 for $39 would now be worth $200?   :-)
I also managed to get a tree up and decorated and also put up some other decorations. The house feels very festive now.  :-)
 And now, it's back to work.

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