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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Would you like a garden obelisk?

Good morning.
 We've had a fairly nice weekend for December. Cloudy and damp, but temps near 50. Did a little yard work yesterday, and took these pics....
They are a little difficult to make out, so you may need to click on the pics to see them better.
One's a arching trellis, and the other an obelisk. In my continuing reducing of stuff for an eventual cross country move, I'm slowly getting rid of things I won't be taking with me including yard ornamentation. I've got a customer possibly interested in the obelisk, so I took a pic to e-mail to her. Both of these are made from rebar. The metal they use in roads to give them strength. Many years ago, we had a coffee shop a few doors from our Salon. They put in an outdoor patio, and at her request, I put in a flower bed along the sidewalk. As a thank you, she commissioned a local artist to create these for my yard. I never had much luck getting anything besides annual vines to grow on them, but would like them to go to someone who could use them.
And I've got one more day off before a very busy week. This is the last full week before Christmas, and I'll be working late every day. I already wish Christmas was over.  :-)
That's all for now.

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