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Friday, January 02, 2015

A good start to the new year

Good morning.
And a happy 2015 start.
We had a nice day off with snacks all day and  a Michigan State Spartan Cotton Bowl Win! 
And if that wasn't good enough, the only 2 teams that beat us this year, also won, Oregon and Ohio State, who will now play for the national championship. 
Thursday morning while Craig slept in, I went into the Salon and took down the Christmas decorations. Will probably wait until this weekend to take them down in the house since I have to work Friday and Saturday.
Also watched another fun movie called Dr Cabbie...
Compared to November, weather in December was fairly mild. Hope that goes through the rest of the winter. Of course, now that we have a house in Vegas, they've had a very cold Dec. Go figure.
And have you seen the gas prices lately? Your welcome. As soon as we bought the motor home back in 2005, they started rising. As soon as we sold our motor home this past October, they started dropping. A coincidence? Maybe....
 I know we used a lot of gas with an average of 10 trips a year over the last 9 years, but I find it hard to believe our gas use kept the prices so high. Or did it? Anyway, again, your welcome.   :-)
Now, unlike probably a lot of people, I'm off to work.


  1. Do you have a TARDIS that you started 2105? ;-)
    I can't tell you how many times I do that.
    Fuel prices did the same to us, Wayne. We bought a diesel truck in 2007 because diesel prices were always lower. Soon as we did, up up up and away! So thank you!
    You all have a great year! ♥

  2. 2105 , oh man did I ever sleep in! Actually gas prices are all my fault, I bussed it everywhere until 2006 when I bought a car, its never been the same at the pumps since.