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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

winter's icy grip still

Good morning.
It's a cold one this morning with a temp of -11. brrrrrrrr
While Craig made good progress on the end of year paperwork, I immersed my self in the house.
I cleaned, dusted, and organized more closets and drawers. Just when I think I've got pretty much everything looking good, I find more areas with more 'stuff''. I'm glad I've got such a small house. I can't imagine what I would have accumulated in a larger one, or how long it would take to sort, throw out, sell, and then pack when we are finally ready to move. Glad I started way early!
I've had to clean the driveway twice this past weekend as several inches of snow came down almost daily. But the rest of the week looks dry.
And now I'm off to work for what looks to be fairly busy.

1 comment:

  1. I think you're supposed to warm up towards the end of the week?
    Still. I don't blame you. That is cold. I wouldn't miss that either.
    I haven't even started on our taxes...
    Have a great week!