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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

easy peasy trip change....and for the better!

Good morning.
I know, 4 days, and 4 posts. I'm on a roll.  :-)
I got a call back from Delta a lot quicker than expected. And happily, I was able to get another fight, that's actually better than the one I had, for no more money!   :-)
Instead of going through Detroit, we will go through Minneapolis, which is better. We leave Lansing at 7:15 in stead of 6:00am which will let Craig sleep in a little and still get to Vegas at 10:30. I didn't book this trip initially, because it cost quite a bit more than going through Detroit.  So happy ending. So far. Unless between now and then they have another change. Out of 4 trips we have booked for this year, 3 have been changed already. So every week I have to check the status of each one. They do e-mail me when a change occurs, but only if the flight is less than 90 days away. And I want to know asap so I can get the best alternate flight and seats.
I also cleared snow from the meter behind the garage for the meter reader, and worked on the bathroom, which is turning into more of a project than anticipated.
And we booked another free night in Vegas. New York New York wasn't available for the day we wanted, so we ended up booking Monte Carlo next door.
Why do we want a hotel room when we have a house?
Well, as I've said before, our house is at the northern edge of the valley. A good 25 miles from the airport and getting a taxi out there takes time. So the last day there, we head down to the strip for a last night there, and then a quick, short, much less expensive ride to the airport in the morning, since we fly out at 6am.
Now, time to get to work.

1 comment:

  1. Hate to say it, but anytime you can bypass Detroit is a good time.
    That is great that you get a better flight for no cost; but crazy that 3 of your 4 flights have already changed and you haven't even taken them yet.
    Warmer this weekend, hopefully!