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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Someone's been in our house....again!

Good morning.
Our house in Las Vegas has a smart meter. I can go online anytime to see how much energy I'm using. I went online the other day, and saw this....
On January 30th there was a small spike in the daily reading. Now since the house is currently empty, the reading should be about the same each day, This means someone was there and turned on lights.
I assumed it was our handyman finally getting around to fixing the water turn off valve for the ice maker. 
Sure enough, when I talked to our neighbor across the street a couple of days ago, She said her husband noticed a white truck in front of the house, and saw the handyman leave.
She was impressed I knew someone was there. She didn't know we have smart meters.  :-)
And so far, my estimate on our monthly cost to maintain the Vegas home has come in a little below what I figured. Our water/sewer bill is a little higher, but the gas is way lower. So we're happy with that.
Looking forward to going out there later this month. We've ordered a couple more pieces of furniture, and an area rug, all scheduled to be delivered while we're there, and we have a growing list of 'stuff' we want to buy while we are out there to add to the home.
Now, before we head out for the day, I have to wait for a call back from Delta. On one of our upcoming flights, they changed the flight out of Lansing, and now we arrive in Detroit 2 hours after our connecting flight leaves.  And we still haven't figured how to run back in time, so we need to find an alternate  flight.
I'll let you know how I do.  :-)

1 comment:

  1. I bet they have some fancy stuff in the sale shops and flea markets out there.
    Do you have natural gas? I believe it is a third the cost of propane.
    Hope you get your flight sorted out. Have a good week!