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Monday, February 02, 2015

missed it again!

 Good morning.
Yep! Somehow I managed yet again to miss my blogoversary.
I've now started my 10th year blogging, starting way back in Jan. 2006. I know, hard to believe. I've written 1700 posts over the years with my peak year of 2009 with 266 posts, and my last year, 2014, with my second lowest posts at just 122. As with everything, my blogging has been evolving through the years. I posted a lot of "fluff' during my early years, trying to 'entertain' my readers. Now, I post for me. I enjoy going back through posts remembering things I/we've done and places we went.
And I just finished clearing the driveway.  We must have gotten nearly a foot of snow between yesterday and last night. The most snow so far this winter. The first pic was taken yesterday.
 And this next pic this morning.
Now time to get on with the day.

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