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Monday, February 16, 2015

taxes done

Good morning.
Another bitter cold morning. Just a -3 this morning. At least, we're not getting any more snow.
Going for a high of just 5. We should be near 32 this time of year.  :-/
Craig did get our federal taxes done. This year, he used Tax Act.
He's used Turbo Tax in the past, but they've gotten so expensive for the one we need.
Well, my PC World magazine rated Tax Act a best buy over Turbo Tax for price and ease of use. Click the link and read for yourself.
We ended up purchasing the Deluxe edition for $12.99 since we have 1099's and also a K1, so we couldn't use the free version.
Still a fraction of the cost of what Turbo Tax charges since we would need to use Turbo Tax Home and Business which costs $79.99.
Craig said he didn't find it much easier to use, but he got through it and was happy with how it worked overall.
And Craig made a new dish for dinner.
French Onion Pork Chop Skillet.
It turned out very tasty, was very easy, and a nice addition to our recipe book.


  1. Is that made with French onion soup? I have used that in other dishes. I enjoy reading your blog. I just bought a Winnebago travel trailer as a retirement gift to myself. My partner died 6 years ago so now I will try traveling solo with my dog Lilly. Not sure how I am going to feel about this until I try it. Make sure you guys keep up with your annual exams and blood work. Changes can come upon you soooo fast!

  2. That looks YUMMY. Hi Gene!