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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

to damn cold!

Good afternoon.
I'm posting an unusual afternoon post, as I need to go into the Salon very early tomorrow and work on the front door. As posted previously, we got a new front door. But, it doesn't fit as good as it should.
There are huge gaps on the bottom and bottom left side and top right side that allow for terrible air drafts. By the door, it feels like a windows open! Soooo, I've purchased weather stripping and a door sweep to minimize the air flow. I'll need to do this when the Salon isn't open, thus, very early tomorrow morning.
Don't need bigger heating bills then we already have!
And speaking of energy usage, here's the smart meter readings from our house in Vegas while we were there.
The little blip on Jan 30th was our handyman Jerry fixing the water turn off for the fridge. We were there from the 6th through the 10th. The 8th was the highest, and that was because we micro'd snacks that evening. Also of interest, our energy usage before our trip was averaging around 6.5 and after our trip, it's averaging 6.4. The difference? I unplugged the microwave this time before we left. Just goes to show that every little thing adds up. Yes, the clock on the microwave eats energy.
Add we have another bitter cold blast coming Thursday, with lows around -13, and highs in the single digits.
 I wish I was in Vegas!
Also, Craig has been looking at security doors for our Las Vegas home. All we have at the moment, is a basic front door with a standard lock. Craig thinks a security door would help.
Here's a few of his choices.....

 I personally like the second one. A little artsy and different from a lot of the others that we've seen in the community.
The first one looks too much like your in jail.   :-)
Anyway, didn't get much of anything accomplished today, but that's okay. I've got an extremely busy week ahead.
Stay warm!


  1. I like the second one, too! The moons and planets idea. The suns are nice, but I agree; the first one looks too much like a cell door.

    We have freezing temps every night. The wind is coming from the North and West here. We have doors to weather strip, too.
    Glad we are not in Michigan, though. I feel for you!

    A house that stays 58 most of the day is chilly, too. We've talked about insulation, but not sure the cost of insulating a hundred plus year old house with double walls and no insulation.

    Be careful and stay warm, too!

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Number two is the ticket! Beautiful!


  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Gene in Ohio

  4. I like number 2...number 3 is way too busy!