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Monday, March 09, 2015

busy weekend

Good evening.
Yes, a rare evening post. Mainly because there's nothing I want to watch on TV, and tomorrow morning I plan to do some more painting. 
Spring is finally on it's way with temps this week in the 40's.  :-)
As of yesterday, still no ground showing, but I expect it will happen soon.  :-)
Craig picked up his new glasses on Saturday. Here they are.....
Brand name is called Oakley, style is called  Metal Plate, and the color is Titanium.
They look real nice.
And I've been busy painting. I forget how long it takes to paint! I've managed to get just the hallway and part of the dining room done the last two days.
And, we've had another change in an upcoming Las Vegas trip. I don't think I have one trip that hasn't been modified. This one had the Las Vegas to Minneapolis segment cancelled, so I had to call and get us rerouted through Detroit. And we also took advantage of a sudden break in flight prices and booked another trip for late October. That will give us 5 trips to Vegas this year, starting with the past Feb. trip.
And I've sold another item on e-bay.....
An original set of 10 Big Ten Swizzle sticks. I've had these and and others around for years, and in my continuing downsizing and cleaning out, I've been either selling things on e-bay, or adding them to the yard sale pile.
Well, I hadn't been able to find these anywhere on the Internet, so I thought they might be worth something.
I set a 7 day auction with a starting price of $.99, and a shipping price of $2.25.
At the end of the auction, I had a sale! But just one bidder, and just for the original $.99. So.... after the listing fee, I ended up with a $.66 profit. Oh well. I probably wouldn't have gotten that much in a yard sale.  :-)   Thank goodness for free shipping boxes from the post office.
And Sunday, Craig cooked our last turkey. We had just 2 this year and I wish we would have gotten more. But our trip to Vegas in mid November messed that up. We had left over turkey dinner today, and we froze the rest for a casserole later.
And with that, I'm tired and going to bed.


  1. Mom is hoping you'll cut her hair before you go again. She says she can almost braid it, though I expect that is a bit of an exaggeration. Don't know what she'll do when you retire!

    Congrats on getting in another trip. Do you have a link to your eBay page?

    Have a good work week and enjoy the warmer temperatures!