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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

slow going

Good morning.
It was a busy weekend with slowly trying to get the house in better condition for an eventual sell. After living here for nearly 30 years, I'm quite surprised how much I've let 'slide'.
I've so far got the entire hall and most of the dining area done. It's taking longer, as I find more things to fix. Such as....I took a picture off the wall, and found 2 other sets of existing picture hangers, apparently from other pics I had on that wall over the years. And apparently the recent pic was large enough to just hang over them. So, I had to remove them and patch the holes before I could paint.  Also, because I'm painting satin over semigloss, it's taking 2 coats of paint to cover.
Oh well, I have a lot of time before I can start working outside.
And speaking of outside, We are finally starting to see some bare ground!
And with temps the rest of the week forecast to be in the upper 40's, I'm hoping next weekend I can take a pic of no snow!
And it's looking to be a busy week at the Salon, so I better get going.

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