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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's over

Good morning.
Well, I made it through another Colonoscopy.   :-)
Every one I've had, I had to do a different type of 'cleansing'. This year, it was 4 tablets of Duxolax at 12pm, them Miralax mixed with 64 oz. of Gatorade starting at 3pm.
And I still don't care for the taste of any of them. The Gatorade was okay, but having to drink 64 oz of anything in an hour and a half is a lot!
But, as usual, I survived. Got to the hospital yesterday afternoon, filled out way to many forms, and met way to many health care professionals. How come so many people need to know what I'm there for?
But got the 'procedure' done as got out of there. One thing I did like, They now use a  different medication to put you out, and when you wake up, your not groggy at all! It was like waking up from sleep. I was alert and ready to go! That was nice.
On the way home, we stopped at KFC for a treat, since I hadn't had anything since Sunday. I love KFC! But eat there only maybe once a year.
Then, that evening, we had frozen pizza. We like DiGiorno rising crust pizza. Really good!
And here's one more colonoscopy joke....
I did manage during all this to get the kitchen edged, and some more of the breezeway/TV room painted.
The snow has pretty much all melted except for the big piles. They will probably hang around now that the daytime temps are going back to normal March highs of low 40's.
Now it's back to work.
Oh, I almost forgot. I got a clean scope, so he says I'm good for 10 years.   :-)


  1. That 10 year thing will be a relief. I had my 'cleaning' last year.
    We loved KFC when it first came out, but something happened to the flavor after they started doing more than regular and crispy, and now we don't eat it at all any more. Popeye's is way better!
    Hope your work week goes well!

  2. Too much information!!! Lol. I dread when I have to start that but... butt?... however my mom's side of the family has problems in that regards. How is your weather, we are back into winter and since you are not far from me as the crow flies, does it suck again for you guys as well? I am so sick of winter! Lol.