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Sunday, March 15, 2015

rotor router time

Good afternoon.
It was a busy week in the Salon, and I did clean the Salon this morning as usual.
Today, I was busy painting. I got the rest of the dining room done, and half the TV room/breezeway.
 Need to pick up some more paint. Doesn't go as far as I had hoped.
And this is what I get to look forward to tomorrow....
I have an appointment for a Colonoscopy on Tuesday, so tomorrow, no food.   :-(
At noon, I take 4 Ducolax. At 3pm I mix the entire bottle of Miralax with the Gatorade, and drink it until it's gone. Then, I grab a good book and don't stray far from the bathroom, waiting for the 'cleansing' process to begin. I'm on a no solid food diet tomorrow in preparation, so the only thing I'll have the entire day is this....
Chicken broth. Oh, I can have jello, juice, and a Popsicle, but I don't really care for them. So, I have a large stock of broth to try and satisfy me for the entire day. My appointment isn't until 2:15 on Tuesday, so nearly 2 days without food. Hope I can make it.  :-)
This will be my 4th colonoscopy. Such fun. But since my dad died from colon cancer at the young age of 59, it's a necessary evil. And the procedure isn't bad. The worst part for me is going an entire day without eating. And even that wouldn't be so bad except knowing I can't eat, makes me more hungry.
But I'll survive as I always do.
And Craig, being very supportive, is making me a delicious dinner tonight,  Cabbage Roll Casserole! So I'll have one last good meal.  :-)
 So tomorrow, we'll spend a good portion of the day running around keeping me busy. At least until 3pm.  :-/
Now I'm off to watch the Spartans! Wish em luck!


  1. The worst part to me is the crap they give us to drink. Ugh.
    Good luck, Wayne. Hope your team did well!

  2. Next time, schedule the procedure early in the morning so you don't have to go so long without eating.