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Monday, March 30, 2015

save my eye

Good afternoon.
Well, my eyesight has finally gotten clearer, so I decided to do a post.  :-)
Sunday, I managed to finish painting the kitchen, and cleaning the other 3 wood blinds. They look real nice.  :-)
This morning, we went out for our usual Monday routine, banking, post office and grocery shopping. 
While at the grocery store, I started to notice a blurred streak across my lower right eye when I looked from left to right. I at first thought it was maybe my eye was tired or I had a film on my eye, so I just tried to ignore it. By the time we got home, I was experiencing flashing halo's around the left side and top of that eye. I got concerned because it was similar to the symptoms I had nearly 2 years ago when I injured my left eye. I mentioned it to Craig who said I should call the doctor right away. I called Lansing Ophthalmology where I went the last time, and they were able to get me in with-in the hour.
Long story short, I had posterior vitreous detachment. The interior of the eye has a gel-like material. When a part of it pulls away from the retina, it causes the symptoms I experienced. It is apparently fairly common, and causes nothing more than new floaters.

So, My eyesight is okay. The flashes are gone, and I now have a new floater in my right eye I didn't have before, But hopefully, it will fade as they tend to do and become less prominent as it is right now. It really doesn't affect my vision, but in fairly bright light, I see it off to the side of my vision.  The doctor said I was right coming in, as it was possible the gel pulling away could have torn the retina at the same time. I was fortunate that wasn't the case. I have an appointment 6 weeks to have a follow up check.
And, in other news........
Amazingly, our 7 seeded Spartans keep winning! On to the Final Four! Where the other 3 teams are one seeds
I didn't get a thing done at home toady, because my eyes were so dilated, I couldn't focus very well. They are better now, nearly 5 hours later.
Time for dinner. We are having Turkey burgers since we can't use the oven.
Tomorrow, open faced roast beef sandwiches, Yummy!


  1. I've had that happen to both of my eyes. Glad it was nothing serious.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    If the floater's get too bad, as in blocking your vision, an Ophthalmologist told me to tilt my head back and look up and down quickly. It will move the floater out of your direct sight. Good luck!