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Sunday, March 29, 2015

with a house it's always something.

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. It's another cold morning.  :-(
I got out of work late Saturday, working until nearly 5pm.
Back home, we started prepping for dinner. I wanted to try a new zucchini dish so I preheated the oven while I prepared the zucchini.  After a few minutes, we heard this loud sparking noise. Looked into the oven to see the heating element on fire! I immediately turned the oven off. The fire subsided, but a hot glow on the element remained. I figured it would slowly burn itself out, but after several minutes realized not only was it not out, but it was progressing along the element, like it was slowly burning up the element. I couldn't believe with the power off, it could still burn. I called the fire dept. for guidance. The person I spoke to hadn't heard of this before, but suggested unplugging the stove. I did that, and it immediately went out. I couldn't believe that even with the oven turned off, it could still draw electricity, but apparently it did!
So, we changed dinner plans and I went online to find a new element. I went to the Sears site, since it was a Kenmore range, and started an online chat with a customer rep. Gave him the model # and this is what he brought up...
But this is what the existing element looks like....
He said the first one would work with our model. I looked at both and couldn't see how that was possible. The he asked if I wanted the element supports too. I said don't they come with it? No he said, it's $6.95 extra. Well, that did it! I told him I was going to think about it, and ended our chat. I looked elsewhere online and found the exact replacement for nearly $20 less.
Now we'll need to adjust future meals around no oven until we get the replacement element. Today is no problem, as Craig already was planning on crock pot corned beef. And we do have a toaster oven we can use for smaller stuff.
And now I'm off to begin my weekend. And watch our Spartans this afternoon in the Elite Eight.


  1. When our oven was out, I found that our grill worked for a lot of things.
    You should have your oven working before the end of next week though, I expect?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow, the element burn was strange!