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Friday, April 03, 2015

sunny Las Vegas

Good morning.
I've got a little extra time this morning to do a post, since yesterday afternoon, my 8 am appointment canceled, so now my first customer is at 9.
So,  Our nicest day this week weather wise was Wed. It was fortunate that Craig and I had a gap in our day and we were able to talk a nice walk and soak in the beautiful 67 degrees of sunshine.
That said, the weekend is looking to be cool and wet. Maybe only in the low 50's.
This leads me to re-confirm our decision to move to Vegas.
Here's a Dreariness map of the USA showing the most cloudy/rainy days in dark blue, to the least dreary days in dark orange.
As you can see, Lansing MI is second only to the pacific northwest and upper northeast for least number of dry sunny days. As a matter of fact, Lansing gets on average 175 days of sun and Vegas 294. Even better, Lansing gets 122 days of rain, Vegas only 22.
Now I know what your going to say. The southwest is in a decades long drought. That is true, but Vegas is in the lead in conservation of water. Way before the California gov declared a drought emergency yesterday, Vegas was 13 years ahead of California in conserving water.  In 2002 Clark county (where Vegas is located) banned front yard grass in all new construction. Our community of 2200 homes has no grass at all. Every drop of water that is used indoors in Vegas is reclaimed, treated, and returned to Lake Mead. They have had a program since 2000 paying people for every sq foot of lawn they revert back to water smart landscape.
Today, even though there are 400,000 more people in the valley, Vegas uses less water today than it did 10 years ago. Though I think they could still do a lot more!
Yes, I did my research before deciding to move to an area running low on water.
So as I spend my dreary weekend indoors, I'll dream of sunnier days ahead.  :-)
Now time to go.

1 comment:

  1. I could go with no yard. Less mowing. Here, we mow and mow, but the only time we water is if we have just put transplants out, or seeds in the ground. After that, we let nature take its course and they grow or not.
    How many days you taking off for Easter?